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Unleash Your Dog's Potential

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Welcome to capable-canine.com, the only website designed to give you access to the knowledge and tools behind one of the nation’s top scientifically based detection dog breeding and training program.

The program designed by Dr. Cindy Otto and her team of experts, brings together knowledge and practice from authorities across disciplines and around the world to create a unique training program and some of the best detection dogs in the world.

Dr. Otto believes

understanding dogs’ incredible ability to smell and their cognitive processes in recognizing odors, I don’t think there’s anything you couldn’t train these dogs to detect. Beyond the detection skills, the approach to training detection dogs and the knowledge gained from the objective evaluation can translate into new opportunities to enhance the health and performance of all dogs.

Most important to Dr. Otto and her team is the ability to share the knowledge and tools used to train the nations best, with you here at capable-canine.com.