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Bob Dougherty has been a police officer since 1984, most of which have been dedicated to working and training police working dogs with the Cheltenham Township Police Department in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

Bob and his first partner graduated from the Philadelphia Police K9 Academy in 1988. A long-time member of the United States Police Canine Association (USPCA), Bob has certified all of his partners in numerous police dog trials and certifications to include one USPCA National Police Dog 1 (PD1) field trial.

Bob is a certified USPCA Regional Judge for PD1, National Detector Judge, and has attended numerous training seminars to include several decoy seminars over the years to learn how to “help” both dogs and handlers be their best.

Open to all types of training styles and philosophies for the betterment of training police dogs, as well being open to training styles from various police, sport and civilian dog trainers, Bob’s personal moral code is to never be cruel in the training of dogs in general, and specifically in training police working dogs.

Bob’s approach is one that first looks at each dog as individualistic, focuses on establishing a solid foundation of training those basic skills necessary for young dog’s to be successful, and to remove the conflict which can occur between a dog and handler due to harsh and often premature physical corrections. Bob believes that trainers need to be actively involved with training dogs, and not just sitting back evaluating from afar.